5 Years Old Child Acne – What To Do

child acne 5 years old

Acne in children is rare, and when they happen to your baby between the ages of 1 to 6 years is referred to as “Mid-childhood acne”. Before you conclude that it is acne, you should take the child to an endocrinologist to exclude the possibility of hyperandrogenism.

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What causes acne in 5 years old?

Acne in children is usually seen as a result of having a sebaceous gland that is quite hyperactive and responds highly to neonatal androgens. It can also be caused by maternal androgen levels that crossed the placenta.

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Right from birth till 12 months of age, the luteinizing hormone plays the role of other hormones during puberty. And in some cases, it results in increased testosterone production in boys of this age than in girls.

How to diagnose acne in children?

Children of 5 years old that are prone to acne are those who experience accelerated growth. Hence a chubby baby can be prone to acne, and a majority of these children will not need further diagnoses, but if the acne is severe, they may be referred to an endocrinologist.

How to clear acne for your 5 years old child?

Treating acne for adults and children are usually the same, the exception is in the use of mostly oral agents. It would help if you used mild acne topical creams and moisturizers that do not contain oil. Also, you should wash the baby’s skin twice daily.

During this period, you should avoid the use of hair pomades and greasy emollients on the baby; these can contribute to skin pores clogging and lead to further acne breakouts.


Several skin conditions may look like acne on your baby’s face. It would help if you take note of those other conditions first before applying anything on your 5 year old child’s skin. Know that during this time; their skin is still very sensitive and fragile.

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Usually, acne on 5-year-olds should clear out on its own, if it doesn’t and continues to break out, then you should visit the endocrinologist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a five-year-old have acne?

Acne most usually begins during puberty, but it can happen at all ages. There are different types of acne; infants, newborns, younger children, and adult acne.

What causes pimple on kids?

Teens and kids will have acne because of the change in their hormone, especially when they approach puberty as they grow up and begin developing, their body changes, which usually follow with some acne breakout.

Can six-year-old get acne?

Yes, they can. But except the acne is persistent and leads to more breakout, then there is no cause of concern.

Does acne come with mom or dad?

Risks of acne for you are higher is mom, and dad has acne. You may inherit genetic components for acne from your mom, dad, or both, which affects you having acne.

Is benzoyl peroxide safe for kids?

It would help if you used the concentration that your child’s skin can tolerate. If your child acne does not improve, then you should consider visiting the pediatrician.

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