Can You Get Acne On Your Legs?

can you get acne on your legs

Oil in your skin will make it hydrated, and when the dead cells are slough off, the skin will look fresh. And when there is a pimple-like bump on your legs, it can indicate the presence of acne; and yes, when your skin is oily, you can get acne on your legs.

How pimples on the legs are treated

Here’s how you should treat acne on the leg.

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  1. You can try using salicylic acid to clear the acne on the legs.
  2. You could also experiment with benzoyl peroxide; it has an excellent effect on acne. If that is not available, you can use a moisturizer or an oil-free sunscreen.
  3. It would help if you also avoid clothes that are tight around the leg. Tight clothes will irritate your skin, and you have to change them frequently to ensure sweat or oil is not on them.
  4. Try a warm compression; it will help you loosen and soften your acne lesions.

If the lesion or acne on your leg is painful, you should seek medical attention else it will irritate you and give you discomfort.

What causes pimples to form on your legs?

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Acne is a large variant of skin lesions that can form on the skin, and most times, it can be found on the face and back. Some other rare cases can occur in other parts of the body, such as legs and lips. A lot of things can lead to its forming on the legs;

  1.  Unbreathable fabrics
  2. Pants that are tight and rub against the legs
  3. When you use irritating laundry detergents
  4. Sweating in the legs
  5. Using unhygienic gym equipment

A closed pore that has oil in it is called a whitehead. When this oil is exposed to air, it becomes a blackhead.


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acne on leg and thigh

You can prevent pimples on the leg when you employ a high hygiene level and do it correctly and consistently. Ensure not to use conventional soap and avoid scrubbing. Instead, you can pat dry.


Yes, acne can occur anywhere on your body and your legs. You have to be patient and apply all the methods outlined here to prevent and to cure it. Clearing acne can take a few days to several weeks; hence a lot of patience is needed to clear that bump from your legs.

See how to treat acne in children.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get rid of pimples on your legs?

You can apply any of the methods applied above; in all, topical agents seem to be the most recommended method to remove acne from the legs.

Can you get acne between your legs?

Yes. acne has been recently noticed in an obese teenager caused by the friction between his inner thighs

What do pimples on the legs mean?

It means some materials irritate the skin around the leg region. It can also be that bacteria or fungi have made the hair follicles inflamed or blocked.

How do I stop getting sweaty pimples on my legs?

Ensure to practice good hygiene and avoid tight fitted clothes in your leg.

Why do we get pimples on the legs?

Pimples on the legs can be caused by ingrown hairs, fungi, viruses, or bacteria, amongst other things listed in this article.

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