Does Apple Cider Vinegar cure acne?

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This article gives a general approach to the use of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a home remedy for acne. In this article, you will find how to properly apply apple cider vinegar for acne. Also, questions like Does Apple Cider Vinegar cure acne? Will not only be responded to but you will be told how to properly apply this natural chemical on your face. You will also learn about exceptional cases where you do not need any application of ACV with a special guide on what to do in those exceptional cases.

ACV is an acid and it has myriad uses; and it has been noticed to have several health benefits and implications. It is gotten by fermenting apple cider. It can also be gotten from the yet-to-be-filtered juice from pressed apples.

Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle
Apple Cider Vinegar Bottle

Several persons have attested to the fact that it can be used for weight loss regimen, lowering of blood sugars, and also to reduce cancer. However, amongst its perceived benefits is the fact that it cures acne, but we will take a look at this claim to see how factual it is.

Vinegar initially has been known for its effect on Bacteria and some viruses; this will, therefore, imports that the ACV will have some of the anti-bacteria effects of vinegar. The kill rate of vinegar on some bacteria and viruses is placed above 90%, and this is fair enough to pass across as an anti-bacteria.

ACV has among its constituents acetic, lactic, citric, and succinic acid; and these acids have been assessed individually to have a kill-effect on Propionibacterium acnes, which is the type of bacteria that is responsible for the development of acne.

In a study that included about 22 persons; who applied lactic acid on their faces twice daily, most of them saw a significant reduction in the rate of acne. Meanwhile, just two persons had a below-average effect of lactic acid on their faces. However, the duration of the application was for one year.

With these results, it is possible to conclude that when you apply this apple cider acid on your skin, it can serve as Acne home remedies and clear acne that is caused by bacteria. However, more research is needed to support this claim.

Water can also help cure acne scars, check how to use water to cure acne scars here…

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne Scar

apple cider vinegar
apple cider vinegar

Many times, when acne heals up, it causes some discoloration on the skin. And this can have some level of discomfort. No one will like using ACV and then end up scarring their face. This will not be a good experience. 

When you apply ACV to the skin for acne, some of the organic acid it contains has a way to deal with acne. This process where you use organic acids on the skin is known as chemical peeling; the acid does this by removing the layer of the skin that is damaged and will then help promote regeneration.

Succinic acid has correctly shown some promising effect on reducing inflammations that are caused by P. acnes, and this eventually helps to prevent scarring. Also, lactic acid has a supplementing impact on the skin. Applying it helps to improve the texture and appearance on the skin, especially if you have had acne scars before.

Some studies carried out on organic acids give promising results; however, a lot more studies are needed to understand the effects of ACV on scarring thoroughly.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good for Acne?

Apart from the beneficial effect of ACV on acne, it is essential also to note that because it is an acid, it can lead to burns. 

These burns usually happen when ACV comes in contact with the skin for an extended period.  Other strong acids will lead to burns immediately after they come in contact with the skin, but since these organic acids are not so harsh, the burns will not come in just after the first application, it will take so much time.

Acne scar face
Acne scar face

To prevent these burns, you should have short skin contact with these acids. And to prevent skin damage, you should dilute the acid with a small amount of water. Also, if you notice that your skin is a sensitive one, you have to prevent prolong application. You should not apply ACV on acne that has open wounds as it will lead to pain and discomfort.

As soon as you feel the burning sensation after you apply the ACV, it means you would need some more diluting with water; if burns still occur after diluting, you will have to stop using it.

Just before you use ACV as a home remedy, here are a few things to note; 

ACV contains a lot of organic acids that can help kill the P. acne that causes acne, and it can also prevent the appearance of acne. But the studies that support these claims are few; hence these can pass as mere speculations.

In some more severe cases, acne would need a more routine plan to treat. Applying the ACV directly on the skin can lead to severe skin damage if you have open wounds and sensitive skin.

You should assess the level of acne on your skin and check for any perforation before applying ACV on it. This will help you prevent any complications that could result from applying it on broken and sensitive skin.

The bottom line is that: the answer to the question, Does apple cider vinegar cure acne, is YES. But it may be counter-productive when you apply it to severe cases of acne.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne

As mentioned earlier, ACV has a lot of organic acid constituents. Hence there is a need to dilute before application on the skin. 

apple cider vinegar bottle and apple
apple cider vinegar bottle and apple

Here is a step to follow to get the best application procedure for Acne home remedies

  1. If you consider your skin not to be sensitive, mix 1 part of ACV with three parts of water. But those with sensitive skin should mix theirs with five parts of water.
  2. Then it would help if you cleaned your face with a face wash and then pat the face with a clean towel to dry.
  3. Get a cotton ball; use it to apply the mixed ACV to the part where the acne affects the skin.
  4. Let this mixture stay on the face for about 20 seconds, rinse with clean water and pat to dry with a different dry towel.
  5. Repeat the whole process twice daily.

It would help if you got an organic ACV that contains the cloudy substance at the bottom of the jar. When buying, ask for the one that contains ‘the mother.’ This is because this type of ACV that contains ‘the mother’ has some bacteria, enzymes, and proteins that have health benefits.

This type of ACV will give you more benefit than the refined types.

Important note: ACV ought to be diluted with water and then applied twice daily to get its optimum effect.

Here is Your Take-Home Message

ACV contains some organic acid that can help solve the issue of acne, and it can also help reduce the appearance of scars. But the few studies on the topic have made these claims inconclusive and might not be the best option for everyone.

Other home uses of Apple cider vinegar

Although there is not much evidence for the use of ACV on several skin issues, a few effects have been spotted on its uses on wrinkles, skin tags, and sunburn. But in all, you will have to dilute it with some measures of water, usually with a 3rd part and then apply to the affected skin parts.

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