Does Ashwagandha Help Acne?


Ashwagandha has many uses, amongst which are its functions against acne. It has several applications in fertility, arthritis, and PCOS and it is taken orally for all these conditions; but for acne, it is applied on the skin surface.

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How Ashwagandha is used for acne

The botanical name of Ashwagandha is Withania somnifera, which is also called the Indian ginseng. It helps to unplug oil plugs from the skin, and it is a natural and healthy way to treat acne.

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Ashwagandha leaf

Ashwagandha works by removing inflammatory cascade from the skin; this is done because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also shown that Ashwagandha has more anti-inflammatory properties than hydrocortisone.

Another unique way Ashwagandha works is to balance hormones in the body, especially during times of stress. Helping to calm the body during periods of stress is another way the Indian ginseng helps control acne. It helps control acne by scavenging on free radicals that make the body defenseless against infection. This goes a long way to prevent the body from aging too fast.

How to Use Ashwagandha

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Ashwagandha roots and powder

You should use the dried powdered roots which can be mixed with milk and ingested daily. As you take this, you should make a paste of the fresh leaves and apply on the affected part of your skin and leave for 15 to 20 minutes daily. You could also add honey or lime to the powder and lay on the affected part for 20 minutes daily.


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ashwagandha berries

Ashwagandha is a very effective herb in the treatment of acne. Ensure you apply it as directed, and speak to your doctor before ingesting any Ashwagandha products. However, anybody can use the powder application of ashwagandha to effectively treat acne since it has no special application process.

Does Ashwagandha have side effects?

There have been no known negative side effects of Ashwagandha on those who have used it. But you should contact your doctor before you start taking any of Ashwagandha products.

Can I use Ashwagandha alongside make up?

Yes. Ashwagandha is applied for just 20 minutes on the affected part of your skin. You should do well to rinse your face properly before applying makeup.

How long should I use Ashwagandha before I start seeing any effect?

You should use Ashwagandha for 30 days before you start seeing any positive effect on your face. Your acne begins to improve from then.

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