Calamine Lotion for Acne: Why you need it

Calamine Lotion for Acne

There hasn’t been any conventional medication that has been safely and effectively used to treat skin conditions such as acne and other skin condition like Calamine Lotion. Although calamine lotion maintains and smoothens the skin, and also save you the stress of scratching affected areas from injury or infection, its benefits are unlimited. Calamine lotion is an effective skincare lotion that is very beneficial to your skin in several ways. In this post, we shall be examining how this essential medicine can be of benefit to your skin.

What is calamine lotion used for?

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of calamine lotion, it has been used to treat several skin conditions. Below are some common uses or benefits of this lotion.

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calamine lotion rub on face
calamine lotion rub on face
  • It may help in reducing stretch mark: When areas with stretch marks are subjected to calamine lotion, it aids the regeneration of the skin and also helps in repairing existing wounds. After applying it, you will observe a reduction in stretch marks and improvement of skin tone.
  • It may help in relieving skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema: People with psoriasis and eczema have one thing in common, which is sensitive skin. Calamine lotion has an active ingredient that enhances repair of the skin at the same time help to reduce itching.  
  • It may help in reducing dark spots appearance: One of the constituents of calamine lotion, kaolin, helps to fight against scars and spots that were as a result of acne or perhaps other skin conditions. When used consistently, the kaolin alleviates those spots.
  • It may help in relieving dry skin condition: Another constituent of calamine lotion, zinc oxide helps in holding moisture throughout the skin. Therefore it assists in the hydration of dry skin hence making it soft. When applied, it helps in reducing discomfort related to dry skin disorders.
  • It helps in fastening the healing of wounds: The natural ingredients in calamine lotion help in the fast repair of the skin. When this lotion is applied to areas with fresh injuries, it enhances new cell production to the areas affected.
  • It maintains chickenpox-caused irritation: When calamine lotion is applied to the site of blisters, it helps to soothe the skin and help to prevent itching. The active ingredients in calamine lotion aids in drying out scars and aids in fast healing. 
  • It helps protect the skin from the effect of the sun: The calamine lotion serves as a sunscreen to the surface. It helps in protecting the skin from damage as a result of UV rays. It also serves to heal affected areas of sunburn.

Ingredients for calamine lotion

Calamine lotion is a light pink, creamy, and luxurious moisturizer that contains ferric oxide as a constituent. Aside from having an attractive color, the ferric oxide serves to improve the skin tone. The active ingredient, zinc oxide contained in calamine oxide has fantastic skincare properties, and these properties may include;

  • The reduction of inflammation in the skin
  • Improves the production of collagen in the skin
  • Withholds moisture all through surface of the skin
  • Promotes repair of wounded cells in the skin

There are other ingredients in this fantastic medicinal lotion, such as calcium hydroxide and phenol. The various components in calamine lotion tend to interact, resulting in a counter-irritating effect. The interaction within these ingredients also produces a soothing effect. After the application of this lotion on areas where there are rashes or burns, the result will be a relief from itchiness. This lotion has an anti-inflammatory property that helps to alleviate swelling in affected areas by acne or rashes.

calamine lotion bottle
Calamine lotion

Calamine lotion for treatment of acne

Calamine lotion is known as one of the common home remedies for acne. It is a safe product because it is formed only with natural ingredients. When applied on the skin, it has no side-effects. Consistent application of calamine lotion for acne treatment does not only diminish the break-outs but also helps in reducing scar related to prior acne.

The main ingredient in calamine lotion, zinc oxide makes the lotion effective for the treatment of acne. The component possesses caustic properties that help to shrink blister to a minimal size. This lotion also owns a potent skin-repair property. It enhances the production of new skin cells in affected areas by scar.

How to use calamine lotion

Calamine lotion is free from severe side-effects, unlike other solutions for acne-treatment, as they make use of chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide. Therefore it is safe to apply it on sensitive skin. Calamine lotion is effective in preventing a future outbreak of acne and alleviates the manifestation of scars. In the application of calamine lotion for acne treatment, it is pertinent to apply it to clean skin.

Your face should first be washed, rinsed with lukewarm water, and dried before applying the lotion of your face. When you want to apply calamine lotion to pimples directly, make use of a clean cotton swab to do so. Allow it to sit and dry on its own, and the result will be a cooling sensation in the affected areas. It is advised to allow it for some time, expressly overnight, to enjoy its benefits.

You can wash your face the next morning, and you will notice a reduction in the size of the pimple. The same steps should be repeated for some days, especially at night time, and you will be surprised at the disappearance of the acne.

calamine lotion on back of the hand
calamine lotion rub on back of hand

Effective ways of using calamine lotion

Calamine lotion can be gotten over the counter even without the prescription of any physician. This lotion possesses a creamy and pink color. Store calamine lotion in a cool and dry place, protecting it from direct sunlight to enhance its shelf-life. T

he various ingredients in calamine lotion tend to be apart when allowed to sit for an extended period. It is recommended that you shake the bottle first before applying it to the affected areas of the skin. Topical application is the best form of administration, and not supposed to be consumed.

Always ensure you clean the surface before applying calamine lotion. For the treatment of spot, first, dip a clean swab into the bottle before directly applying the lotion to the affected areas of pimples or blisters. The moment the lotion gets dried, allow it for some minutes or preferably overnight. You can choose to wipe it off with lukewarm water when it ultimately gets dried.

Other benefits of calamine lotion

The treatment of acne is not the only use or benefit of calamine, even though it is one of the common uses. Calamine lotion can also be used to enhance the texture of the skin and regulate several skin conditions.  Below are a few benefits when this lotion is applied in regular skincare routine:

  • It helps in reducing photo-sensitive skin damage: Calamine lotion saves you the stress of using other sunscreen lotion, as its constituents serve in fighting against adverse effects of UV radiation. It also helps in maintaining and keeping the skin fresh.
  • It can serve as a makeup base: When calamine lotion is applied on the face as a makeup base, it remains for an extended period. For people whose makeups easily wash away or melt, then calamine lotion is for you as it helps to hold your makeup.
  • It can improve the tone of the skin: Calamine lotion can be the best base for your makeup, due it is potency to tone or even out your complexion. What this lotion does is that it withholds moisture and tightens pores of the skin hence improving the appearance of the skin.

This fantastic medicinal lotion can help you greatly in providing you with experience of having a soft, and clear skin. Kindly contact us if you have any questions about the calamine lotion for acne. We will love to hear from you soon!

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