Does Cystic Acne Breakout Hysterectomy?


Hysterectomy is an operation that is done to remove the uterus of a woman. Usually, when this happens, there is a series of hormone imbalance, and this can further lead to acne breakouts.

Acne gotten from this hormone imbalance can be quite different from other forms of acne; they can be cystic and more difficult to eliminate.

Why does cystic acne break out after Hysterectomy?

According to several types of research, cystic acne is rarely treated by topical agents because it is mostly caused by hormone imbalance. It happens when the lesions rupture under the surface of the skin, and then this pushes the swollen content out of the reach of topical agents meant to resolve the acne.

After this, the oil glands produce much sebum and then create a deep cyst which can also be painful.

Here’s what you should not do if you have cystic acne

  1. Do not try to pop them; they do not have a whitehead, and if you pop them, you may likely get the place to bleed.
  2. Do not dry them; if you do so, it comes out as a red scaly patch that is now bright red.
  3. Retin-A; apart from making you more sun-sensitive, it does not do in any way help to resolve cystic acne.

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