It is a well known fact that drinking lots and adequate amounts of water is very important for your overall health and well-being, but can staying hydrated help fight off acne?

There have been lots of speculations as to whether a sufficient intake of water will help cure acne. What you must know is that drinking water is not a miracle cure for acne but it could help ward off bacteria and toxins that might cause acne thus keeping your skin smooth.

So many have gone to great lengths in treating their acne with some using expensive skincare products and medications while others have opted for the cheap stuff in curing their acne. But few realize none of these treatments and therapies compare to the magical and skin-transforming natural wonders of water as it is less cheap than acne therapies and has no side effects.

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It has been stipulated that the human body is made up of 70% water give or take, Much of the water capacity is kept in body fluids like the blood, the lymph vessels which contains the lymph consisting mainly of white blood cells and mucus. These bodily fluids serve two extremely important roles which are bringing vitamins and nutrients in and disposing of harmful toxins and waste materials.

When one becomes dehydrated, the fluids which are needed to dispose of toxic waste and bacteria become lost thus leaving the skin dry and pale. The skin which contains many fluids becomes affected when one doesn’t stay hydrated consistently and as bacteria and toxic waste can be trapped in the skin and without adequate hydration, it can increase your chances of acne leaving deep acne scars. Check out how to Get rid of your blemish here

Pouring water into glass cup
Pouring water into glass cup

The skin is the largest organ in the body which contains many bodily fluids all the more reason there should be enough intake of water to keep our precious skin fully hydrated considering the fact that drinking waterworks from the inside out bringing out your very best.

Acne exists mostly in people with oily skin because insufficient hydration and low water intake could result in oily skin. Thus taking a lot of water regularly is a natural therapy for preventing acne. However, there have been speculations and controversies as to whether drinking water could really have a significant effect on the skin or help against acne. As a result, we’ll be taking into consideration the effects of water in helping acne.


Acne face
Acne face
  1. HELPS IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION WELL AGAINST ACNE:  Studies have shown that when a person is well hydrated, it could improve the body’s immunity and a fully functional immune system could very well help protect the body against harmful microorganisms and bacteria and also fight off acne.

    So it could be well surmised that drinking an adequate quantity of water may help the body’s immune system function well and protect the skin against certain breeds of bacteria that contribute to acne.

  2. HELPS IN PROPER HYDRATION: Adequate drinking of water may help as a preventive measure against acne. A dehydrated skin could trigger excess oil in the skin which could contribute to acne.

    Studies have proven that the increase in water intake could promote the hydration of the outer layer of skin thereby preventing dry and coarse skin. Not that only, but it also helps in destroying dead skin cells which may also show up on your face.

  3. NATURAL REMOVER OF HARMFUL TOXINS IN THE SKIN: Water has a very important role of removing toxins and assisting in transferring nutrients through the body, Thus, keeping the livers and kidney in perfect shape, As water is discharged from the skin in form of sweat, it could help in detoxifying the skin. When the main organs( the kidney and liver) used in detoxification do not get sufficient water, it could enhance the degree of toxin in the body which could contribute to acne.

    Acne is thought to be caused by toxins in the skin and drinking enough water can help flush out the toxins known to cause acne and proper hydration could enhance natural detoxification which could also prevent the skin pores from getting blocked.

  4. MAKES FOR A SOFTER SKIN: Drinking lots of water produces a softer and healthier skin thus preventing the skin from becoming pale, coarse, and flaky, When skin becomes dry, it allows for the breaking of skin, giving room for acne and other skin-related conditions.

    So instead of resorting to therapeutic and cosmetic treatment to the skin to make it stay soft and healthy, just stay hydrated!

  5. IT REJUVENATES THE SKIN: Sufficient intake of water could keep your skin hydrated enough to bring out the glow keeping it rejuvenated and fresh and also help fight against skin bacterial.

Regular and adequate intake of water is very beneficial to the skin keeping it moisturized, preventing dried-out skin, minimizing wrinkles and boosting the suppleness, and also the flexibility of the skin thus providing a healthier look. However, drinking water may not work for everyone in helping with their acne, but many have attested to the benefit of drinking enough water daily in ridding them of their acne.

It should also be noted that excessive consumption of water can be bad for the health as it causes electrolytic imbalance making you feel sick, As such, the recommended maximum quantity of water taken should be eight glasses a day so it could help assuage worries whether you’ve had too little or too much to drink.

Although the relationship between water and acne may be limited, water has been shown generally to be of immense profit to the skin.  Furthermore, if taking an adequate amount of water and staying hydrated doesn’t help with your acne conditions, then you could resort to meeting with a professional dermatologist or a skilled health consultant.


boy drinking water from bottle
boy drinking water from bottle

It is extremely common to hear that water is essential to your health so what’s the big deal with water? Well, for one thing, the human body is mostly made up of water and is involved in so many functions that help keep us alive and kicking. Some of these major functions are: removing waste products from the body, regulating body temperature, enhancing brain activity, and many more.

As stated earlier, the recommended quantity of water is eight (8) glasses.  Although there’s little evidence to back up this rule, the major concern is to stay hydrated at all times. Here are the life-saving health benefits of drinking water.

  1. IMPROVING PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE: Drinking plenty of water while engaging in any physical activity is quite important. People who engage in any work out routines may emit a lot of sweat from their skin and as such may become quite dehydrated and extreme dehydration can cause an epileptic attack and even lead to death so drinking lots of water can improve physical activity more also your strength, endurance, and stamina.
  2. HELPS IN PREVENTING AND RELIEVING CONSTIPATION: Drinking more water, as well as carbonated water, can help ease constipation, if you don’t drink enough water, you may be likely to suffer from constipation and its also important to consistently maintain your intake of water in order to regulate the flow of water in your bowels.
  3. IT AIDS IN ABSORBING NUTRIENTS:  Water has a very important function of breaking down food in the body, not only that but it also helps to dissolve essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals carbohydrates from the food and it delivers these nutrients to the rest of the body. Thus, drinking more water can help with the normal and effective breakdown of important nutrients in the body thereby increasing your chances of staying healthy.
  4. HELPS IN FIGHTING OFF INFECTIONS AND DISEASE: Enough intake of water could help ward off and avert some illnesses which include kidney stones, hypertension, urinary tract infections constipation, and asthma.
  5. IT HELPS IN DIGESTING FOOD: Studies and researchers affirm that drinking water before, during, and after a meal will aid in the body breakdown of food quite effectively making digestion easy and convenient. 
  6. FINALLY, IT PREVENTS DEHYDRATION: As water is very essential for the body to function, dehydration can be very harmful to the body and could result in seizures, migraine, kidney failure, etc as such drinking of water helps prevent overall dehydration and helps with bodily functions. Because water is important to nearly every part of the body. 


Acne is very likely to develop when the skin is full of toxins and water helps detoxify the bacterias that cause acne, therefore, keeping us healthy. It is important to note that you must adopt other healthy behaviors aside from drinking water as consistent intake of water may not cure a severe case of acne so here are a few healthy behaviors to adopt in order to prevent skin conditions particularly acne.

  1. THE NEED TO MOISTURIZE DAILY: One of the ways to keep acne at bay is to moisturize daily. Moisturizing helps your skin self moisturize and also helps in cleaning up your skin cells of built-up waste. So it is important to moisturize your skin regularly. You could purchase moisturizing lotions to do the job.
  2. WASHING THE HANDS AND FACE FREQUENTLY: It is quite inevitable that our hands will pick up dirt in the day, more also, they produce a lot of oil so it is imperative that your wash your hands first, then wash your face afterward, otherwise you may get more dirt in your skin pores leading to skin conditions.washing hands
  3. WASHING AND CHANGING OF PILLOW CASING FREQUENTLY: As we sleep, our pillowcases will often pick up oily substances and hair products. As a result, these substances may get in our skin pores. So it is safe to say that sleeping on a filthy pillowcase can contribute to acne so pillow casings should be washed regularly.
  4. KEEP A CLEAN TOWEL AT ALL TIMES: Towels gather up dirt and dust from our bodies when you bathe or dry your face so it is advisable to use a clean towel to dry your face after washing.
  5. FREQUENTLY DISINFECT YOUR PHONE: It is highly imperative to keep your phone sanitized at all times considering the fact that most people almost always seem to be with their phones and the oil and dirt in the hands can get in the phones making it contaminated. So keeping your phone disinfected helps keep the grease off your skin.
  6. FOR LADIES, ALWAYS REMOVE MAKEUP COMPLETELY BEFORE GOING TO BED: It may appear like a bother to try and remove all the makeup and foundation from your face. It is recommended that you use a Clarisonic which will help exfoliate pores thus ensuring that your face is clean and healthy free from germs.

The bottom line is that staying hydrated is very essential for healthy living and drinking of water may help support and improve skin health through different processes like keeping your skin hydrated, regulating the blood sugar levels, improve the body’s immune function and help detoxify bacterially and waste all of which could help fight and prevent acne. 

Engaging in deep meditation and also yoga could be a wonderful cure for your skin. A healthy and focused mind and body improves stress and reduces fatigue, so grab your gym kits and go sign up for a yoga class. This will be very beneficial to your skin and keep your body well-toned and flexible.

Acne can be very much treatable is some added steps aside from being hydrated are taken in your normal life. These are basic steps that would fit conveniently in your daily life.Proper dieting and consistent work out go a long way in having a healthy and supple skin.

You could begin gradually with the diet plans as many people have a lot of problems with dieting. It is imperative you add a serving of vegetables and fruits to your dieting program. Hen you continue like this, you’ll feel the fruition of your efforts in healthier and great skin.

Mary is the Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Health Parrots. She brings her years of clinical and healthcare technology experience to help consistently create high quality, concise and engaging content and products that uphold the highest medical integrity. She is an M.D. recipient from Baylor College of Medicine and completed her residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, TX. After years of clinical practice, Dr. Le transitioned from clinical medicine to healthcare technology through her work at Epocrates, where she developed clinical news products and disease and drug content. With her wealth of experience, She has also helped create an EHR, secure messaging products, and clinical decision support tools for healthcare systems.


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