How to Use Acne Tool


An acne tool is also known as a comedones or blackhead extractor. It is a tool used for removing blackhead or whitehead pimples.

Blackhead extractors are small tools that often look like small rods with loops attached to both ends or possess sharp lancets. Comedone extractors are built to remove the core of the pimple without causing damage to the skin.

Before using a comedone extractor, some preparation is needed to avoid further skin infection or blemishes. This article will discuss some crucial steps on how to use an acne tool (blackhead or comedone extractor).

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Disinfect Your Face

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Disinfect your face

Create an ideal face cleansing routine

The most vital and straightforward thing you can do to achieve clean and clear skin is to wash your face twice daily.

If you want to use an acne-removing tool like a blackhead extractor, wash your face before using it to make sure your skin is clean.

Open up your skin pores.

When you soften your pimples and acne, it makes them easier to pull off when your skin pores are open before using an acne tool. You can open your skin pores by taking a hot shower (bath) or placing a hot, wet towel over your face for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Also, you can open the pores by using steam treatment. But, be cautious when using this procedure not to overheat the water to prevent burning your skin.

Disinfect your hands or use gloves

Disinfecting your hands before using an acne tool is very important. Washing your hands with antibacterial soap and water will aid in preventing bacteria on your hands from reaching your face via contact.

Alternatively, one can use disposable gloves when using any acne tool.

Sterilize your acne

Before using the acne tool, there is a need to disinfect the pimples or acne so that bacteria does not accidentally get pushed farther into your skin pores. You can sterilize your face by using alcohol pads over the intended parts before using an acne tool.

How to Use the Acne Tool

Choose the right extracting tool for your acne.

While blackheads should be removed with comedone extractors, whiteheads must be pierced first with a sharp lancet before pulling them with an extractor. The most common acne tool used is a comedone extractor with two ends of different sizes.

You can select the size that best suits the size of the blackhead you intend to extract from your face.

Remove comedones with the comedone extractor.

Your comedones can be removed by centering the loop of the blackhead extractor over the pimple you intend to remove. You can also gently rock the tool from side to side by applying slight pressure. The whole blackheads will be removed from the pore, and you will notice oil ooze from the pore.

Remove whiteheads using a lancet.

For one to remove whiteheads, there is need to start by piercing the whitehead with a lancet to open it up. Once the whitehead is opened up, there will be a need to center it within the loop of the blackhead extractor and place the tool gently from side to side. In addition, slightly apply pressure until it is removed from the pore.

Treat bleeding

In some instances, your skin may slightly bleed after using the blackhead extractor. Lightly tap your skin with gauze to absorb any blood. If carried out properly, the bleeding will last more than a few moments. Nevertheless, you might need to apply firm pressure for seconds or until the bleeding ends.

Disinfect the treated area.

Use rubbing alcohol pads to clean your acne-free skin to avoid infection. Also, you should clean and disinfect your acne tool (blackhead extractor) before keeping it away. Bear in mind that an additional effort toward cleanliness will optimize your result in dealing with your acne.


Blackheads are common skin complaints people make. There are practical and straightforward ways of treating acne at home and lessening the likelihood of appearing. An ideal skincare and exfoliation routine eliminates excess oil and dead skin cells.

It should be the main concern of any attentive regimen. While damage can be caused by squeezing or popping blackheads, a comedone extractor can remove blocked pores when used properly and with care at home.

There are different types of comedones extractors available in pharmacies and online. For persistent and critical blackheads, it is advisable to seek the assistance of an expert.

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