Is Colloidal Silver Good for Acne


Colloidal Silver for acne

Colloidal Silver is another name for suspended silver particles in a liquid. The colloidal Silver is found as a natural element in the earth. Although it is quite possible to create a Colloidal silver at home, but it is very risky. The fact that you will not be able to assess the potency and purity, hence it is advisable to buy an already made product.

Since you are using the Colloidal silver for acne, you should get a verified quality product instead of making yours. The product is readily available online and in several health product distributors.

What are the properties of Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is known to have antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiseptic effect. Therefore, it can help reduce the impact and growth of microbes, fungi, and viruses. It can keep the skin clean and heal it from any bruises.

Some studies show that Colloidal Silver has anti-inflammatory effects. It has seen to affect existing infection and inflammation.

How can Colloidal Silver for acne be useful?

Colloidal Silver has been proven useful in so many ways, but we will focus on its use on acne. Research published by the National Institutes of Health NIH showed that Colloidal Silver was the go-to medication before recent antibiotics were made.

And due to excessive use, many patients have shown resistance to modern antibiotics, which has created a way for a great comeback for the Colloidal Silver. Dr. Josh Axe explained that Colloidal Silver works by several mechanisms. It can bring more oxygen molecules to help break down the viral and bacterium matter in the body.

Colloidal Silver can also work by attaching it to the cell membranes, which can help to resist the bacteria and viruses that want to invade the body. And lastly, the Colloidal Silver can stop the DNA strands inside the bacterial from unfolding, preventing its reproduction.

With any of these ways, Colloidal Silver can stop the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi that cause your skin to get irritated and have acne.

How to Use Colloidal Silver for acne?

Since Colloidal Silver is active against bacteria and viruses, you must know how to use it, so you don’t apply it wrongly. If you don’t apply it well, you can have your skin turn blue from the wrong application.

If you are using Colloidal Silver for acne, you do not have to fear it because you won’t have any side effects. You just have to know what you should do and know the results to expect.

Colloidal Silver should only be used to treat your skin acne; ensure you do not use any other silver products such as the ionic Silver or the silver protein; these products are not the same as Colloidal Silver.

You should also ensure to follow the manufacturer’s guide, follow all the warnings in the guide, and stick to the instructions. As you start using it, ensure you begin with the lowest dose possible and then increase accordingly until you see how your skin reacts to it. You can do a patch test to see how your skin responds.

Avoid using any other cosmetics when you are using the Colloidal Silver to treat your acne. Also, refrain from using any other skin product that will clog your skin pores. This will help Colloidal silver work optimally.

To use Colloidal Silver for acne here is what you should do;

You can use the pure Colloidal Silver dabbed on the acne spot (use1) in addition to internal colloidal Silver (use 2), then you use a colloidal silver mist (use 3)) everywhere you go, use on your face when it becomes dry or too oily.

Using the Colloidal Silver can also see you applying it in your daily skincare. You can replace your skincare cleanser with a Colloidal silver product, maybe soap (Use 4), you can also use a Colloidal silver skin rinse (Use 5). A Colloidal silver gel or cream can also be used; by applying on the acne spot, it is left overnight and can heal your skin.

As you begin with the Colloidal Silver, it is smarter to begin with, a slow approach since it is your first time to use. Beginning with lower quantity applied on the skin will help your skin adapt to your body. Some other time, you can use Colloidal Silver dabbed on the acne for the first two days; you can then add oral Colloidal Silver afterward.

  • Dab some quantity of Colloidal Silver on the blemish

One of the common ways you can use the Colloidal silver solution is by dabbing it on the skin right on top of the acne. This should be done twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening.

  • Take liquid colloidal Silver internally.

To serve as an additional source to cure your acne, you can take one eyedropper full of Silver per day. You can use this to help increase the chances of clearing your acne.

  • Use a Colloidal silver mist.

Colloidal Silver is prepared in a liquid form; hence it is easy to use as a spray. This way, it is easier and can make the solution reach hidden areas on your neck and your back. Spraying on the affected areas is one best way to treat acne over affected areas.

  • Use soap with added colloidal Silver.

Some soaps contain colloidal Silver, and you can use these soaps to help clear your skin. Washing your face with Colloidal Silver twice daily can improve the acne that appears on your face.

  • Use a colloidal silver rinse.

A premixed Colloidal silver can be used to treat the affected part in your body. With just the rinse on your face, your face will be ready to look fresher and neater.

  • Buy a Colloidal silver cream or ointment.

You could also mix Colloidal silver and aloe vera pulp; then apply on your face. The light coat of gel should be used on the affected part only and should be done overnight.

How to choose Colloidal Silver for acne?

The kind of Colloidal silver product you use has a way of impacting how fast you resolve your acne. Hence you should ensure you choose a good product. All you need to do is read through the ingredients.

Also, in all, you should avoid any silver product that contains fillers, artificial ingredients, and other toxic preservatives. Products that contain gelatin and ionic silver should also be avoided. Also, check for a product that has smaller particles of silver. The smaller particles are easier to be absorbed and detoxified by the body, and whenever you don’t know what to do, speak with your pharmacist.


The best way to improve the impact of Colloidal Silver on resolving your acne is to stay well hydrated and have plenty of rests. This will help your body heal fast and detoxify; it will also reduce stress and make you feel better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you inhale Colloidal Silver?

Silver that is found in the environment is quite safe. However, ingesting Colloidal Silver is generally seen as unsafe. One of the major side effects of Colloidal Silver is argyria.

Does Silver kill bacteria and viruses?

Silver is a well-known antimicrobial agent. The effect of Silver on organisms is seen in its positively charged silver ions.

What is Colloidal Silver used to treat?

It is often used for topical wound dressing. Some other persons claim that it has a cure for aids, cancer, and HIV.

Is Silver a natural antibiotic?

Colloidal Silver is a powerful and natural antibiotic. Its application has dated through several ages. It is known to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.

Does Silver have antiviral properties?

Silver has been studied for its antimicrobial properties, but there have been traces of antiviral properties seen in its action.

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