Do IUDs Help With Acne

do iuds help with acne

IUDs are used to control hormones, and they can lead to more acne. Acne is known to be the significant side effects of IUDs. If you already have hormonal breakouts, using IUDs can be more severe to you.

The only IUDs that may not lead to acne breakouts will be the ones that are not hormonal.

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Is it the IUD that leads to acne, or are there other things?

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Just using IUDs can lead to acne and not just a compilation of other factors. Also, if the androgen hormone in the body is high, there can be much stimulation of the sebaceous gland leading to more acne breakout.

What if you already have an IUD?

If there are IUDs fitted in your body, then you don’t have to panic. It will take a while for your body to get used to the device.

What if you change your diet and skincare?

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If you start having acne when you insert IUD, you can change your diet and begin a skincare routine to help treat the acne. You can add retinol to help your skin eliminate that acne. You must clean your skin routinely to prevent further breakout.

Some IUDs are better than others when it comes to acne breakouts; “copper IUDs are the best since they do not come with any hormone”.


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Hormonal breakouts can cause acne breakouts in some persons; in others, there will be no skin reactions at all. When the acne breakout is much and gives you discomfort, you can speak to your doctor to change the IUD to a copper type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IUD make acne worse?

IUDs can make an existing acne breakout worse. It would help if you speak to your doctor to know which type of the IUD will be best for you.

Which birth control is best for acne?

The best birth control you can use alongside acne is a combination pill. It is a birth control pill that contains both estrogen and progestin.

How long until birth control clears up acne?

If you use a combination pill to clear your acne, it will take about three months to notice any improvement. It usually takes time for the pill to enter the system and recalibrate your hormones.

Do IUDs make you gain weight?

A large number of persons who use IUDs will not gain weight. Not all forms of IUD causes weight gain; only about 5% of IUD users will experience weight gain.

Does hormonal acne ever go away?

Usually, acne will go away at the end of puberty; however, some persons will still struggle until adulthood.

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