Can I Eat Pus From Pimples

eating pus from pimples

Pimples pus contains dead bacteria, and this can be harmful to your health. Eating pus from pimples is way too gross to be doing it in the first place. Pus is a toxin that is removed from the body; which means that there is an infection in a part of the body, and you need medical attention to attend to it.

If pus is not expelled from the body after a few days, it will require more attention. If it remains for up to 7 days or more, then you should visit the doctor. Acne pus is usually harmful and is not advisable to ingest.

What does pimple pus contain?

Acne contains dead cells and sebum“. These dead cells are usually of bacteria origin; hence it will be disgusting to ingest it.


It is a bad idea to eat pus from your pimples. Hence as soon as the exude from your pimple gets out, you should discard and wash your face correctly since it contains bacteria.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I remove pus from acne?

When you start treating pus-filled acne, they begin to dissipate on their own. The pus will disappear first before the redness and other lesions on the face.

What color is the pus from pimples?

Pus is typically whitish-yellow, and this color can change depending on the circumstances. Some other times it can become green.

Can you get sick from popping pimples?

When you squeeze a pimple, it can lead to an open wound, which can be infected by dirt from your hands.

What color of the pus is terrible?

Colors of pus range from yellow, white, or green, and they do not have any wrong color. Abscesses are the collection of pus, and it is quite thick, containing white blood cells, bacteria, and sebum.

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