Is Pineapple Good For Acne?

Is Pineapple Good For Acne

We all know how tasty and decorative Pineapple is, but this is not what we will be talking about today. Is pineapple good for acne? Can it reduce the acne scars and the bruises that come with acne? Let’s examine this fruit with the wonderful qualities that it has.

Pineapple is an exfoliating agent, and it helps to free up pores of the clogged skin. When your skin exfoliates, it will naturally help you replace old skin cells with new ones faster. Pineapple contains some enzymes that help to fight off free radicals and ensure that the skin is cleansed by dissolving whiteheads and other dead cells on the skin’s surface. All of these will help reduce the buildup from bacteria, which play a role in acne episodes.

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  • Bromelain;

This enzyme is found in Pineapple, and it helps to heal the body from all forms of metabolic wastes and injuries. The cysts from acne will leave behind injuries, usually referred to as acne scars. Bromelain plays an important role in helping it heal faster and build the skin back. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen fibers. You can get the best form of this enzyme by drinking pineapple juice or consuming whole juice.

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  • Vitamin C;

Vitamin C has lots of healing benefits. When you apply vitamin C on your skin, it gives you all the benefits of using any anti-antioxidants. Quality vitamin C product will help reduce aging and serve as an anti-wrinkle, and Pineapple has a lot of vitamin C in it. It will protect your body from free radicals and also help to increase the rate in which damaged skin cells are replaced.

How to apply Pineapple for acne

Blend pineapple into a puree, apply it as a mask on your face to reduce or eliminate your acne scars. You should apply the pineapple puree on the spot of the acne or acne scar and leave it for 15 minutes before you wash off.

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The activity of the enzyme on the skin will help fade the acne marks as it also helps to stimulate the production of collagen. Also, vitamin C in the Pineapple will help to fade blemishes from your face too.

If you feel any burning sensation when you apply the Pineapple on the face, you should immediately wash it off. This happens because your skin is not used to the enzymes from the Pineapple. It will take a while before it gets used to it; wait for another 48 hours before you apply it again.


Pineapple contains a large amount of vitamin C, and it will help your skin build new cells. This process of replacing skin cells plays a major role in removing acne from your face.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pineapple bad for acne?

Pineapple is a juice that contains a large amount of vitamin C and other antioxidants. It also contains bromelain that is good from joints and can help prevent swelling. Hence it is okay to use Pineapple for your acne.

Does pineapple help acne?

It can be used to cure acne because of bromelain, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

What are the side effects of eating Pineapple?

The fruit is a potent tenderizer; hence eating too much may cause the mouth to be tender; it can also cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.

What other fruits can help clear acne?

Carrots, potatoes and some other vegetables like spinach are very good to handle acne breakouts.

What happens if you leave Pineapple on your skin?

If you leave Pineapple on your skin for too long, it may cause rashes and a tingling sensation.

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