Sex Bumps On Forehead – How To Remove It

sex bumps on forehead

Nothing can spoil your mood after an exciting sex experience more than annoying sex bumps on forehead. Sometimes you get to ask questions like how did it get there. And many times, you feel that there is nothing you can do about it. Sex can have many benefits for your body, yet you may not be happy with the frequent pimples that appear on your face.

But there has not been any evidence that says that sexual activity can increase acne on your face. We also know that several factors and not just sex can cause acne. Inserting your penis into a vagina does not automatically guarantee your acne. But there are some aspects of sex that may lead to acne and how to remove it.


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Physical activity will cause sweat, and since sex can be quite vigorous, it can lead to acne. Sweat alone cannot cause acne, but when it is mixed with oil and other impurities, it can lead to a pimple.

If it is not cleansed, then this mixture of makeup and sweat can enter your skin pore and cause some serious blockage.

What you should do is to clean your face before and after sex. You should ensure you use a clean towel, soaked in warm water to clean the skin to prevent these sweat mixtures from causing acne.

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Facial hair

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Beard can make a man very attractive, but when you have sex with a bearded man, the friction it causes with your smooth face can stimulate the production of oil on your face. The excess oil will then mix with dead skin on your skin, which then creates a plug in the hole, leading to acne formation.

Some persons have suggested that you apply oil on the beard to reduce the friction that it causes, but there is no research to back it up. The best thing to do is for you to get your partner to trim his beard. So, for this, grooming is the best way to avoid the bumps.

If your partner is unwilling to shave, you should use a position that will reduce your face time with him; you could use the doggy style or the reverse cowgirl.

Dirty Sheets

If your partner room is not cleaned and then has some dirt on the sheet you used for sex, it can be a lot of opportunities to have acne. Having a dirty bedsheet can lead to acne because of the dead cells and the bacteria that can accumulate from unwashed fabrics.

Pillowcases get the most of these dead skin cells and bacteria; they collect facial oil, myriad bacteria, and hair products; hence be rest assured that you will likely get acne if you used any of these during sex.

You can be a sort of motivation for your partner to do cleanup before sex. You can ensure that you won’t have sex until the sheets are clean and neat. And if your face is prone to acne, you should ensure the sheets are washed twice a week. If your partner does not want to make any of these commitments, you should at least have sex with your sheets.

Hair products

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Different body parts come in contact during sex, and this includes your hair. And your hair products can be part of the things that mix with your face. Some chemicals can be good for your hair and make it stronger; they may not be perfect for your face. Hair product ingredients like silicon, acrylates, and some oils can be very bad for your skin.

Since you know that your skin reacts during sex and has acne when you have sex, you should be aware of the ingredients in the hair product you use. If you notice that your hair product has a lot of chemicals, then you should avoid it.

You should also have to know the type of ingredients that you can apply on your face; either alcohol base or the oil base, you know the ones that are better for your skin, so use it. And to prevent your skin from being problematic, you should keep your hair out of your face during sex.

Massage oils

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Sometimes it is difficult for you to find the negative effect of massage oils. But the truth is that you can have some difficult side effects of massage oil later. Remember that your skin will produce its oil naturally that will help moisturize your skin, and when your body has difficulty releasing these oils, along with other acne triggers, then it will develop.

To avoid this kind of acne that comes from massage oil, you may have to switch to something more natural, just like coconut oil. Coconut oil will cause less clogging for your skin. You can also wash off the oil from the body.

Hormone birth control

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When it comes to body hormone, it is one of the major causes of acne. A lot of people will have acne when they used IUD.

To eliminate acne that comes with birth control, then you should first ensure to remove any possibility of an irritant present in the skin. If you have just been introduced to a new birth control pill and are experiencing some difficulty with it and making your face have lots of breakouts, then it is time to visit your gynecologist. Your doctor may refer you to a low androgen and non-hormonal method. If hormonal control methods cause your acne, much cannot be done with over-the-counter products.

Frequently Asked Question

What is sex bumps face?

During sex, your face can produce a lot of sebum, and these can mix with bacteria. This can be called P.acne. The presence of these will lead to the production of more acne.

Does sex reduce acne?

Sex can give you good health benefits for your skin by increasing blood flow and reducing the hormone that will cause much acne production. The reduced hormone levels that you get when you have sex will give you a better complexion.

What causes little bumps on your forehead?

There are lots of causes of forehead bumps. And many times, many people will call these bumps acne; they are caused by dead cells, allergic reactions, and damaged hair follicles.

Is sperm good for pimples?

Your partner’s sperm contains a substance called spermine. Spermine is an antioxidant and will help to remove wrinkles and make your skin smooth. It will prevent acne and spots and make your skin healthy.

Does masturbation cause acne?

There myths that surround masturbation and how it also affects your skin. A lot of people think that masturbation can cause a pimple, but that is not true. There has been no research that supports such a claim.

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