Does Marijuana Cause Acne?

does marajuana cause acne

Marijuana is increasingly getting acceptance in many states. Several states are legalizing its use after they discover that it has lots of health benefits. However, there are many conflicting talks about Marijuana clearing your acne, but there have not been any scientific proof to back this up. But there is a high chance that smoking Marijuana can worsen acne since the smoke that comes from it contains filth that can end up resting on your face while you smoke.

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What does Marijuana contain?

Marijuana is known to contain compounds that can affect the nervous systems. It has gained lots of relevance for the cannabidiol (CBD) content that also positively affects the brain; however, it does not get you high. But the other substance it contains; tetrahydrocannabinol THC is the substance that can get you high.

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All the varieties of Marijuana contain THC, but CBD is present in varying concentrations. THC can cause several side effects that Marijuana is known to cause one of the side effects of THC in Marijuana which is dry mouth.

But there is no proof that it can dry your skin. Also, when you smoke Marijuana long-term, it can lead to skin damage. Wrinkles and fine lines are many of the side effects that are associated with smoking Marijuana.

Are there any skin benefits of smoking Marijuana?

Several claims propose that it can improve the skin. Some other people suggest that smoking Marijuana will help reduce the quantity of sebum produced by the skin. Sebum is the oil that usually contributes to acne on the skin.

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There have been lots of speculations on the benefits of smoking Marijuana. But one sure thing that has been proven by researches is the fact that Marijuana can help to reduce the risk of having certain cancers such as skin cancers.

Other studies with Marijuana show that it has some good anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Still, since its legalization, many opportunities have opened up for proper research into its effect on body organs.


As at this time, there has not been any research that has backed up the fact that Marijuana causes acne. But preliminary studies have shown that it can make the skin oily; hence it is better to avoid it if you are trying to clear your acne.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CBD oil cause acne?

It should. When you want to clear acne, anything oily should be avoided from contact on your skin.

Can smoking weed be good for your skin?

There are lots of opposing claims about this, but the best way to address this is to stay away from anything that can increase your skin oil production.

Can smoking weed lead to skin cancer?

There is proof that Marijuana will help you fight some cancers, and skin cancer is one such. This should not make you start smoking weed. Talk to your doctor before smoking Marijuana.

Can Marijuana improve your skin health?

There is no proof to support this claim. It would help if you used other verifiable and certified means to treat your skin condition.

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